I refund of tax to tourists

In Argentina you will find thousands of shops selling a wide variety of products, from traditional and exclusive products to major international brand.

As a citizen of Argentina not, you may request a refund of VAT on purchases VAT rate in Argentina is 21% (17.35% of final value). As no citizen of Argentina, all you need to access the tax refund is to buy goods produced in the country totaling more than $ 70 in stores belonging to the system, identified by the Tax Free Shopping logo.

For every purchase receive a Global Refund check in the amount of the refund for your purchase. These checks are the only legal way to get your refund. Do not be fooled by shops that promise that your invoice is sufficient, without the check you will get no refund.

By the way, do not forget! In order to receive your refund, Global Refund checks must be stamped by Customs when leaving the country. After the seal is not there due date to receive your refund of VAT.

This condition is essential in order to receive their refund checks are stamped Global Refund for Customs checks will not be paid unsealed.

You can cash your Global Refund check cash in Argentina at the points of local cash back, or outside in the more than 200 points of international cash back.

Global Refund offers several ways to get the refund of VAT:

Tourists can buy in Cordoba and receive a refund • Cash position at the nearest local reimbursement.
• Cash when he returns home (only in certain countries).
• Accreditation in your credit card (please do not forget to place card).
• A bank check sent to your home.

If you are a foreign tourist may request a refund of the taxes on purchases made in Argentina by Global Refund system.

Three steps to recover your money:

1 - Get Checks
Shop at stores displaying the logo Global Refund Tax Free Shopping and request their refund checks to the employee.

2 - Go through the customs
Leaving the country submit their bills and passport to Customs personnel, and then seal your Global Refund Checks. Customs employees know the system.

3 - Cash your rebate
At saliHay several ways: you can cash your checks in cash at the nearest office, call for the amounts credited to the account of a credit card or other bank account you specify, or request to send a check to the desired direction.

In Argentina, you can cash your checks at:

Ezeiza International Airport (Buenos Aires): The Terminal A is one of Global Refund stand on the ground floor near the Check In area and the first floor near the gates 1-5 and 6-10. In Terminal B go to the booth Assist Card.

Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (Buenos Aires): Go to the Telecom telephone boxes.
Port of Buenos Aires: In the company Buquebus in Terminal North Dock, go to the information booth.
Airport Bariloche (province of Black River)
Cordoba Airport
Airport Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires)
Mendoza Airport

Places where you will find participating businesses:

Buenos Aires
Abasto Shopping Malls, Alto Palermo and El Solar de la Abadia, Costa Salguero Complex Outlet, Galerias Pacifico, Paseo Alcorta, Patio Bullrich, Santa Fe streets, Florida, Avenida de Mayo, Arenales, Alvear, Cabildo, Cordoba, Corrientes, Quintana, Rivadavia, Callao, Guido, Honduras, Juncal, Lavalle, Libertad, MT de Alvear, Murillo, Paraguay, Guest Pueyrredón, Rodriguez Peña, Scalabrini Ortiz and others.

Buenos Aires Province
Shopping Alto Avellaneda (Avellaneda), Unicenter Shopping (Martinez), Tren de la Costa (San Isidro) and in the cities of Ezeiza, Pilar Moreno, Morón, San Martín, Villa Adelina, Cariló, Pinamar and Mar del Plata.

Patio Olmos, one of the malls stuck in Cordoba
Córdoba Shopping, Shopping Centre New, Patio Olmos, 9 de Julio Avenue, a town of Villa Maria.

Mendoza Plaza Shopping, Palmares Open Mall and San Martín, Sarmiento Pedestrian and General Espejo.

San Carlos de Bariloche (province of Black River)

City of San Luis
Villa Mercedes (San Luis Province)

El Calafate (Santa Cruz)

Puerto Iguazú (Misiones)


For more information about the system please contact Global Refund Florida 15, Piso 4, (1005), Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Phone: (0054) (11) 4342 2413/4334 0716-Fax: (0054) (11) 4342 7561
Website: www.globalrefund.com
E-mail: taxfree@ar.globalrefund.com

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