The Colossal Mosque of Buenos Aires

When to Go
The tours are free and are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12 noon on 55 Bullrich Av. Reporting and coordination of school visits: 4899-1144.

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T he most important mosque in Latin America, the work in the kingdom has invested $ 20 million, has a library, kindergarten, elementary and secondary schools, conference rooms, areas for housing magnets, sports industry, confectionery , parking lots and landscaping.
More than 17,000 square meters were built in an area of ​​33,670 meters square that has the property.

The results are a typical architectural jewel of Islam, with large spaces, straight lines and simple and traditional bows. The set provides a different view to the panorama of buildings of the area, although not at odds and elegantly integrates the surrounding area.

The work has a stately air, but is devoid of lavish items, except for a chandelier that beams of light expands outward from the mosque. This has hundreds of lamps and weighing several tons.

Description of Infrastructure

The Centre consists of a variety of facilities:

1. The mosque with two minarets, holds more than 1,500 worshipers. On the second floor there is a special wing for women and can accommodate about 500 worshipers. It also contains sources of water and enough places for ablutions and a large patio. The entrance to the mosque is decorated with a large water fountain.

2. Two housing departments of Imam and muezzin, and residence for the Center Director.

3. General Library with a capacity to stop more than 10,000 books and references, with capacity for about 500 people, one out of conference space for exhibitions and other cultural and religious activities.

4. Offices Administration of the Centre and the Secretariat.

5. Education section, which comprises two schools, one for boys and one for girls in primary and secondary stages. Each school consists of 16 studio classes, edema of a special section of kindergarten.

6. A restaurant for the preparation of food for the boarders.

7. A large leaves to eat, with capacity for 120 people.

8. Dormitories for boarding students, with separation of men from the girls, with capacity in each dormitory for 60 students.

9. Underground parking with capacity for about 100 vehicles.

10. Study workshops for students.


The most important objectives of the Islamic Cultural Center Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd, are:

1. Preserving the Islamic identity of the Muslim community and Argentina.

2. Practicing Islamic rites.

3. Teaching children of the Muslims the Holy Qur'an, Arabic and modern science from kindergarten through the completion of the secondary stage.

4. Raise awareness among Muslims to illustrate the principles of true religion.

S. Make known the non-Muslims to Islam through wisdom and sound preaching.

6. Cooperating with Islamic centers and associations in the service of Islam and Muslims.

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