La Casa Rosada - Government House

Balcarce 50

The building is located on what was the real strength of Don Juan Baltasar de Austria, built by Governor Fernando Ortiz de Zarate in 1594, the then craggy shores of the Río de la Plata. The fortress is rebuilt in 1713, replaced by a sober construction of nearly one hectare, surrounded by wide moat, with four rectangular towers, and giving the Plaza Mayor, current Plaza de Mayo drawbridge, so strong is called Castillo San Miguel in 1720, upon completion of the works of defense.
The fortress was partially demolished in the 1850s to build in its place the New Customs House. The old building were only a bow and a colonial buildings inside the walled demolished, which was refurbished for s er used as Government House.
In 1873, President Domingo F. Sarmiento made up what in actulialidad is the south wing of the building and there ran the post office (designed by architect Carlos Kihnlderg). Later Henry built the northern Alberg maintaining a path similar to the previous. These two bodies were separated by an alley, until architect Tamburini added them to a central arch (1894). The pink color was election of President Domingo F. Sarmiento.
From the main entrance on the Esplanade Rivadavia street, you enter the Hall of Busts, named for the sculptures that portray the Argentine presidents. Two stairs of honor known as "Italy" and "France" lead to the first floor, where h allan the White Hall, home of the big official receptions, and presidential offices. That whole north wing, the wing-is organized around the Patio de las Palmeras. The south wing of the Post Office was severed in the '30s, the rectified current Hipólito Yrigoyen street to build the Palace of Finance. La Casa Rosada is being restored since 1989. In the rear were remnants of the old Fort and the New Customs, who were put in value. The building the Museum of the Government House.

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