Generic Floralis (Recoleta)

Catalano donated "Floralis Generic" as he called it, the Federal Capital and chose to place it in the Plaza United Nations, Figueroa Alcorta y Tagle.

The flower is mirrored in a pool of water 44 meters in diameter, with a waterfall surrounded by trails, and is part of a green space landscaped acres, neighboring Law School and Channel 7.

It's aluminum and steel, has almost 20 meters tall and weighs 18 tons. The petal s (each measuring 13 meters long and 7 meters wide) and move through a complex central hydraulic system.

The flower opens every morning at 8 and closes at sunset, on a schedule that changes according to season. Simultaneous with closing, 12 projectors with halogen lamps cast a deep red color on the inner surface of the petals

There are four special nights that remains open (September 21, on May 25 and 24 and December 31) and every new moon. In total there will be 17 days.

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