The Cabildo, its history

The Cabildo building was declared a National Historic Landmark and was devoted to historical museum by Law No. 11,688 of May 30, 1933.
Located in Bolivar 65, town hall and the axis of political life in the colonial institutions of Spain, now occupies the same place as assigned Juan de Garay in 1580. In 1608 he was a two-room house that was demolished for the final construction in 1725. On top of this palnta second building opened in the Chapter House and the outer gallery of the plant is exposed anonymous corpses to be identified. The present building is the result of repeated changes, is home to the Museum of the Revolution of May Hall. In front of the Cabildo was the May Revolution. The first modification of the facade was in 1830 when the balcony was reduced to three central arches of the upper floor. In 1860 he replaced the clock tower, which had funciondo since 1 January 1765. The new watch, of English manufacture started in the afternoon l September 17, 1861. In 1879 the old building needed repairs, and decided to adapt it to l europeizante taste of the time. The tower 10 meters high in FEUE were added and columns, moldings and tiles on the dome. It was on paper the idea of ​​putting a statue of Justice on the top, and a series of twelve statues on the roof. the new, slender tower was used for some years as a "beacon" for the ships that arrived in ever increasing numbers, the port of Buenos Aires. In 1899, the decision of the Mayor Torcuato de Alvear opening the Avenida de Mayo, the Cabildo lost three arches of its north wing. By the way, was completely demolished the tower, and without it, the historic building was unrecognizable, with its facade decorated and asymmetrical. While in 1891 it was thought to start reconstruction, nothing was done about it, and in 1905 it was the determination to bring it down completely, although this was not done. Just recently in 1931 restored the symmetry of the building when it opened the Cabildo Diagonal Sur and lost another three arches. In 1932, he thought again demolished, but the protests against this project prevented this. In 1939, after the fervor Europeanized and mature over the country to come to terms with its colonial past, a comisioón appointed by the executive branch began to study the reconstruction of the Cabildo, a work that was completed in October 1940. Est and building, which is what today may be, has a lower tower that the Town Council, 1752, unless it has three arches on each side, and their proportions were affected. Your watch is electric current, although similar to the original, and their bells during the years that the council "missed the tower" went to the nearby Church of San Ignacio are the seventeenth century. During Carnival in 1941, the Kabyle saw his side do a huge giraffe three stories high, crossing over the route from the Cathedral to the historic and embattled building.
Changing of the Guard Infantry Regiment I "Patrician"
Annual Relay Ceremony Honor Guard council and presidential visit as part of the celebrations for the commemoration of the May Week organized by the National Historical Museum of the Cabildo and the May Revolution, all May 22, the Regiment Infantry 1 "Patrician," the rhythm of the march "Rifle Queen" makes the relay symbolic honor guard in front of the historic building.

This ceremony with the assistance of national, provincial and municipal governments. President's Office, in his capacity as commander in chief of the armed forces, allows the relay, then entered the council to sign the Chapter's book illustrious visitors of the museum, evokes the Open Meeting of May 22, 1810 .

The days of opening to the public is made every 60 minutes, a changing of the guard at the gateway to the Museum.

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