Avenue of Mayo

It is the only architecturally consistent axis of the city, as among his inauguration - in 1894 - and the construction of most buildings means just fifteen years. A walk along the avenue will also noting a remarkable facades, crimping the ride with one of the finest coffees in the city. Beyond the city hall in the 575 is the daily La Prensa, one of the oldest country. On the next block and across the avenue, is one of the traditional restaurants Bune Aires, Pedemonte (Av. de Mayo 676), which retains the splendor of its decoration as well as the Café Tortoni on Avenida de Mayo 825. Crossing July 9, in 1152, stands the old Hotel Castelar, with its annex saunas and Turkish baths, and 1300 appears mole expressionist Palacio Barolo (Architect Mario Pallanti, 1923). In the Two Congresses Square is a monument to the Republic, surrounded by allegories of the Assembly of 1813 and the Congress of Tucuman, `ED works Huicque and J. Lagae. All this space is dominated by one of the most imposing buildings and better built the city, Pa the Congress straight (Architect Victor Meano, 1906). The academic Italianate Congress evokes the monument to Vittorio Emmanuele and the unknown soldier in Rome. The building, which had for several years his home workshop and Lola Mora, should have 4 statues of this eccentric arti sta, which ended up being given away to the province of Jujuy

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