Argentine race course of Palermo

In the heart of the city of Buenos Aires, ARGENTINE Palermo Hippodrome appears to us as a true reflection of the charm of Buenos Aires 1800. A unique and charming, this "circus horse" takes us back in time ...

This historic building, classic French-inspired architecture of the thirteenth century, is chosen by lovers of the Turf and passionate audience of the Boards of Slots.

The elegance and glamor This entertainment center makes Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo a powerful, ideal for tourists looking for history, tradition and fun, with the latest technology.

In addition, it offers excellent cuisine, with delicious food in Argentina and tasty dishes at affordable prices.

Palermo Argentine Racetrack invites you to discover and enjoy this unique entertainment center with all the magic of horse racing, the adrenaline of the best Thoroughbred and fun of slot machines in the Halls of Slots.

A brief

On May 7, 1876 the Hippodrome was opened Argentino de Palermo in the alfalfa land boundaries and the Park of Roses February 3. That day did not supply the trams and trains either: Despite the 50 rail wagons made available to them, many were left without seeing those first seven races. The horse slipped, to 10 000 people, had the honor of winning the first competition.

In 1908, the official was replaced by the current (capacity 2,000), designed by French architect Faure Dujarric. Meanwhile, Paris was built Confectionery three years later.

Throughout its history, Argentine Hippodrome of Palermo (and nominated since 1953) was paraded through the sand with the greatest representatives of turfística activity, like the brilliant jockeys Torterolo Sunday, Maximo Acosta, Irenaeus and Marina Leguisamo Lezcano and Thoroughbred glorious Old Man, Botafogo, Mission and Yatasto, among others.

By Executive Order of the Nation, the Ministry of Health and Social Action called for tenders for the privatization of Argentine Hippodrome of Palermo. On August 5, 1992 Argentine Hippodrome of Palermo was awarded to the private sector until 2017. Since taking the new Directorate have made significant investments in construction, improvements and technology.


Track Arena

Palermo Racecourse has three cava sand tracks. Two of them are used for training and the tournaments only, and the main track, with an area of ​​2,400 meters and a width of 28 meters is used for skills development and enable it for training.

The track is considered one of the best in the world. Its composition is the mixture of different materials (80% sand, 14% silt and 6% clay) and is controlled by the INTEMIN (Technical Institute of Minerals) at the request of the company to certify the above percentages.

It has a special natural drainage system that allows meetings to develop normally on rainy days. Moreover, its design allows organize races of 1,000 and 1,100 meters without using any elbow (full line). Since the last elbow to the disk there is a total distance of 600 mts. Given the characteristics of the track, you can race with a total participation of 21 competitors

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