9 de Julio Avenue in Buenos Aires

Since its opening in 1937, underwent many changes. Extended, widened and lost parking areas.

In 1895 he had a project to create an avenue to link the north and south of the city. Twelve years later, Congress passed Law 8855, which declared "public interest" and set the opening width of 33 meters. Its axis follow the centerline of the blocks between Carlos Pellegrini and Bernardo de Irigoyen on one side, and Cerrito and Lima on the other, from Leandro N. Alem to Brazil.

From the law, the City was buying buildings and land in the affected blocks 33, totaling 50 million pesos of the time.

The first icon of the July 9 before it even existed, was the Obelisk. It was built in 1936 to decorate a roundabout to facilitate traffic when the bird ned out enabled. To make room was to demolish the church of St. Nicholas.

In 40 days, 1,500 workers demolished building 55,728 meters square. Debris, taken by 1,300 trucks were used as subcalzada Avenue Juan B. Just fill and Costanera Norte.

On July 2, began construction, which required 10,000 tons of cement, 3,000 iron and 40,000 cubic meters of stone. The landscaping was designed by Carlos Thays, who planted jacaranda, coral trees and a thousand cherry trees donated by Japan. Up went a pole drunk 14 tons, from the Hospital Rivadavia up Cerrito and Tucumán. Finally, on October 12, President Agustín P. Just opened the avenue of 140 feet wide, 70 more than the Paris Champs Elysees.

Over the years, the July 9 grew piecemeal. In the 60 was extended to Santa Fe and Independence, and in 1970, an ordinance approved the missing track between Caseros and Libertador. Part of the work took shape in 1975 and another in 1980.

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