Chilean Volcano activity continues to moderate and permanent - Buenos Aires

The volcanic complex Chile Puyehue-Cordón Caulle, located about 90 miles northwest of Bariloche, erupted on June 4 and now, two months of that time, shows a moderate but steady activity, researchers said the neighboring country.

The Volcano Observatory of the Southern Andes (OVDAS), the National Service of Geology and Mining (SERNAGEOMIN) Chilean issues a daily report on the activity of the volcanic complex that almost no changes for weeks.

In short, indicates that the volcanic alert level remains at the site "red" to "minor eruption," and that "the eruption process continues and it is possible to recur an increase in activity."

The report analyzes daily mild seismic activity, spacing "explosive events" and the intensity of the "harmonic tremor episodes," all indicators of eruptive activity of the volcano, from the first half of June are evident in the decline.

By contrast, in the fifteen days prior to June 4 these indicators were higher, with formidable seismic activity which was imminent eruption.

That day, the column of gas and pyroclastic material, burning pumice, sand, ash and others reached the ten miles high, and divided these elements into hundreds of miles around.

The worst affected area is east of the volcano, which has the border with Argentina just 20 kilometers. Therefore, the town of Villa La Angostura, 38 kilometers, was the most ashes, sand and pumice was followed by Bariloche, and a wide swath of rural territory Rio Negro.

Soon after, the volcano began to emit lava on the slopes closer to the top, and in that mountainous area generated lahars (mudslides) of volcanic material with water, mud and other elements.

Since then, the volcano began to decrease in its activity, the column material was falling to park two or three miles high, and the "pen" of ash was less dense and more diffuse.

Inside the volcano is under the eruptive activity OVDAS a stable, low intensity, "chances of an explosive event" associated with obstructions of lava, although "it is unlikely to reach the magnitude of the first eruptive phase."

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